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Online Admission

Online admission module is the first module and step towards institute digitalization. As the students can fill the form online without going to the institute and the institute get complete data digitise without any manual effort from institute. Students can upload their marks, photos, documents, personal details, etc.

As the institutes receive too many application for admission and it becomes very difficult for the institute to filter these application on various parameters and grant admission to the students. With our Online Admission module, institute gets all application filtered on various parameters and can grant the admission to students which is very convenient for instiute and also increase the efficency of the institute and is also comfortable for student and parents foe seeking admission.

Fees management

It is observed that educational institutes are struggling a lot in terms of collecting & managing fees. Apart from fee collection, difficultly in also payment reconciliation, proper recording, receipt generation and recording, sending remainders, etc. We have developed fee management system in the most automated way to solve all the problems and get a hassle free fee management system.

Institute can set fee on various types like monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually with various heads and based on various category types. Users can pay the fee via various modes like online payment gateway, credit card, debit card, UPI, cash, cheque, DD, etc. Parents get notified automatic after the payment with their payment receipt and new auto calculated amount. Institute can also send pending fees remainders automatically from the system. Institute can view all the transaction details in various reports which provide better analysis of the fee collection and pending details and helps for auditing also.

Online payment


  • Various Payment Gateway Integrated
  • No Need To Visit Institute For Fees Payment
  • Live Update Of Fees Payment
  • Instant Receipt To Users
  • Various Type Of Reports
  • Various Payments Mode : Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI

RFID Attendance system

We have special RFID Attendance tracking systemfor educational sector, in which the institute can even take RFID based every Lectur Attendance. Institute will get detailed every lecture attendance report for each student and each teacher also.

Institute can also tracking IN & Out time for all the students and teachers. Institute will get various reports as per their need and demand. Schools can track the In & Out time for each student and also the parents are notified live.

Notification & Circular

This modules is very important for institute as it the bridge which reduces te gap between the communication of parent, students and the institute.

Institute can send live notification to the parent or students and also inform the activities of the institute, and the circular, etc.


In diary, teachers can inform the parents and the students their daily lecture wise schedule, what they have tough and the home work given to them.

Parents come to know everything about their child just on a click and in a single glance. Institute can track the performance and teaching of the teacher live with various reports.

Time Table

Institute can set the time table for the students and the teachers and also track their attendance for it.

Parents, student and teachers can view this time table and can plan their day accordingly.

Once the time table is loaded,faculty will automatically get their time table

on their portal and mobile app which will help them to plan their schedule and teaching in an effective way.

ID cards

Institute can generate ID cards with their design and details just on a click. Institute can generate ID Cards from our system and print them in-house using ID card printer and give it to the student instantly.

With ID cards, there are various accessories like lanyards, holders, hooks, etc. We have different type of lanyards with their name and logo printed on it like normal lanyard, special broad lanyard, multicolour lanyard, etc.

We have various holders like plastic holder in different colours, transparent ID card holders, acrylic holders, special metal holders, etc. We are also printing RFID ID card with RFID Attendance machine and manage attendance of staff and students.

Mobile App

We provide customized white label mobile app with institute’s name and logo. Teachers, students and parents can download the app and login and can only view their details.

Parents and students can view attendance, fee status, pay online fees and get receipt, notification, diary, holiday list, notes, assignment, result, exam alerts, etc.

. Teachers can send various homework, notification, day to day activities, notes, etc to student and parents. With our mobile app, institute is able to easily communicate with parents daily.


To avoid the problem of proper communication to a mass no of student and parents, Institute can use SMS Service for it.

Institute can send information using SMS to student, parents, staff members, etc any time to any one.

Institute can use our special templates to send sms to the students and parents. Institute can send SMS within a click and with instant delivery, it becomes a seamless communication for institute to pass on their information to parents and students.

Institute can inform parents and students about their Attendances, Home Work, holidays, exam, results, various institute activities, emergency information, etc.


Institute can update about the books records of their library and can also issue/return books from our software which will help institute to have a proper track of it. It allows searches by keywords, or through several access points like author, title, subject, racks, etc.

As per the ISBN Book marking standards, a Unique Barcode/RFID Tag for each book in the library so, even multiple copies of the same book will each have a unique barcode/ RFID Tagwhich will help library to track each book easily.

It will be very easy and time saving for the Institute and will reduce the crow of the students.

Institute can also set various type fines for late return, damages, lost , etc as per the need and collect and generate receipt for it on a click. Institute send SMS to the student to inform the return/reissue of the book well before. In this module, Institute can fully manage their library as per their need with various tracking and reports.

Exam and results

Institute can update the marks of the student and generate result and various of reports as per the need.

With digital result, Institute just need to print it and distribute to the students and get rid of manually writing of result. With digitalization, Institute can preserve these result and data lifelong with them. Institute can inform the result to parents and students with a clicks with SMS, Mobile App, etc.


Institute can easily create and print various documents and certificates any time for any student or staff. Certificates like Bonafide, leaving certificate, birth certificate, railway concession, etc which are customized as per the institute’s need. Institute can generate any type of certificates just in a click for whole institute

Institute can generate any type of certificates just in a click for whole institute

Finanical Management

We provide a platform to manage your income and expense. Institute can know their expense with various details which will help the institute to analysis their financial status and take better decision on it.

Institute can do better budgeting, planning and implementation of new ideas and technology for upgradation.

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